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Our Mission:

Edgar Welden, Founder and President of the Birmingham Athletic Partnership is the brainchild behind this non-profit 501 (c) corporation founded in March 2002 and is dedicated to assisting the Birmingham city public middle and high school’s athletic, cheerleading and band programs. BAP is committed to be a resource that will enhance the athletic departments’ abilities to provide the necessary leadership, education, facilities and equipment to assure that students have opportunities to excel in their interest in sports and related extracurricular activities.

Why Our Mission is So Important…

Reduced funding for public schools has greatly affected the athletic departments and their programs. In an effort to enhance the programs, BAP will help coaches and teachers by providing resources to them that have not been available in the past. BAP believes that participation in sports and related activities will teach and instill discipline, pride, self-esteem, and the motivation to successfully complete the academic courses necessary for high school graduation, and will encourage students to continue their education.

Sports and related activities give them motivation to do so. Therefore, BAP believes these motivational avenues are positive means to their receiving an education.

Who BAP Helps

Your financial contributions to the Birmingham Athletic Partnership (BAP) since its inception has helped the following city high schools: Carver, Huffman, Jackson-Olin, Parker, Ramsay, Wenonah and Woodlawn. We also help with 18 middle schools.

Purchased over $4 million worth of equipment, supplies and much needed items for the city of Birmingham public high and middle schools’ athletic and fine art programs.
Helped in media events spotlighting our fine student-athletes.
Hosted events honoring the student athletes.
Sent students to clinics and coaches to leadership conferences.
Provided souvenir programs for the schools as a fundraising tool.
BAP has recognized the accomplishments of teams and individuals by awarding them through the years.
Helped encourage student-athletes to stay in school by offering sports and sports-related activities as a means of experiencing discipline, leadership and direction.


Edgar Welden, Founder
Scott Myers, Managing Director
Fletcher Abele
Carl Crosby
Mary Gantt
LeDon Jones
Ben Morris
Bruce Pettway


Toney Pugh

Corporate Representatives

Blue Cross Blue Shield-The Caring Foundation – Tim King
PROTECTIVE LIFE – Shayla Aguillard
VIVA HEALTH – Terry Knight